Junk craft!

My class has been learning about ‘Transport’ this term. We run ‘free flow’ sessions (a term borrowed from the Early Years Programme in our school) for children thrice a week for an hour each, where they get to choose from a number of activities and centres such as cooking, art and design, experiments, small world play, role play etc which usually revolve around the theme.

When I first chose to run free flow sessions using junk modelling for the children, I was a bit wary of its success. Little did I know that it would become so interesting and drive itself forward using the imagination and creativity of children’s buzzing brains!

My junk modelling zone is propelled by the students and staff who bring a variety of containers, boxes, toilet paper rolls, bottles, cartons, cardboard etc. To put things together we use double sided tape, cello tape, masking tape, paper cutters, scissors, and other materials to cut and paste.


The children have created some amazing models! As my first blog post on my life as a teacher, I thought I would share their models.

Submarine – bottle, egg tray, cardboard, brown tape.
Boat – box, yakult bottles, cardboard.
Yatch – boxes, cardboard, wrapping paper.

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Rowing boat – icecream sticks, juice carton, yogurt pot, card board.
Truck – box, wrapping paper, yogurt pots.
A racing car – toilet paper roll and card board.